Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Experience With

Our first experience with was through one of their representatives Joseph A. Cerbone Jr. He had some interesting comments about why he did not have bubble paper for the moves. The company is environmentally friendly and was waiting for some "green" products bubble wrap. The storage unit for packing supplies that we had been urged to buy from him because of deep discounting was a moldy gargage in a tenement area of Yonkers. He knew we needed to wrap 50 glass shelves on Saturday afternoon and night so that the move would go smoothly and on time. It was certainly poor inventory management and we should have been wary about the "company" from this experience alone. But, we were due to move the next day and you know how that goes.

The truck that took our furniture from New Rochelle to New York City, was, odd as it may seem, not the company's truck. It was from Budget. It was also 45 minutes late, crew and all.

The movers worked, it seemed very slowly, at least compared to crews we have worked with on past moves. But, nice guy, just not good movers.

One of the best parts of the experience, although almost unimaginable, was that the truck ran so low on gas when the movers left New Rochelle, that they could not make into the city without stopping at a service station. Imagine a professional moving company coming to do a job without enough gas to get back and forth.

Would we recommend We would only recommend that you stay away from the company, and warn your friends